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   HERI - Writing Instruments with Stamp...
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High quality, stylish german pens incorporating
a truly useable personal address stamp...

Heri Nature-line ball point pens and Promesa fountain pen can be use to write and to stamp...

Can you believe it ?...

Animation showing a Heri stamp pen in action... and stamping like mad!
Do you know what the problem is with those HERI pens?

They are just too good to be believable.

As long as you do not see them "in the flesh" and as long as you do not handle them yourself, you will have a hard time believing they are neither thick "gadgetty" things nor fiddly devices impossible to use!

I know.
That's also what I thought before I actually saw them.

Since then, I visited the factory and I decided to import them in New Zealand. I was as impressed by the quality and ingenuity of the product as I was by the quality of the company that manufacture them (in a clean and modern factory that looks more like a laboratory than a workshop!) and the professionalism of the people who work there.

OK. Let's compromise: If you can't believe that the address stamp is indeed a self-inking stamp that is as easy to use as any other self-inking stamp and produces clear legible impressions, then, just forget about the stamp. Consider it a "free add-on" and let's say you don't have to use it.

Now, take a closer look at the pages that describe various models of HERI pens. Consider just the pen... and try to find a competitor better priced in this range of style and quality!

See what I mean?

Does that help to crush your scepticism...?


"Styling" Series
A luxurious finish and a very slim design
that still manages to integrate a stamp
with up to 3 lines of text.

"Promesa" Series
A very well balanced fountain pen with a 4 line stamp
Classic, reliable, easy to use, superbly finished.
Gosh! I like this one!


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